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"It's brill!! I feel like an expert coder now :)
In reality I realise it's just because your app makes it so easy but it still feels good."
Jack Bado PGA Golf Pro, My Pocket Pro London, UK
"There has been quite a lot of interest in the website and
a lot of people seem to have read it before they ring for an appointment."
Dr. G.D.Kewley Consultant Neuro Developmental Paediatrician
"Never saw such a fast loading website."
Egbert Heinrich, Berlin - organiser of the dotFMP
unConference in Berlin pixi ‏‪@dotfmp
"Deskspace CMS is an excellent tool"
Eoin Kavanagh - Granby of Dublin
"I think what you have done is brilliant!"
Paul Jansen - AJP Computing Solutions, UK
"It is very cool. Congratulations on a fantastic job."
Kevin Frank - FileMaker Hacks, Pacific NW, USA